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Due to Weather Condition in the Summer a $1.00 will be added on each product. for Ice Pack to preserve the products while shipping to it destination.

Red Wigglers
1 LB
Price: $21.00
Red Wigglers
2 LB
Price: $42.00
Red Wigglers
3 LB
Price: $63.00
Red Wigglers
4 LB
Price: $84.00
Red Wigglers
5 LB
Price: $105.00
Pan Fisherman's Dream
1 lb. red wigglers w/bait carrier
Price: $30.00
Red Wiggler Composting Kit
1 lb. red wigglers, 1 lb. food, 1 lb. bedding; you just need your own worm bin
Price: $32.00
Red Worm Cocoons
125 premium red wiggler cocoons shipped in peat moss bedding mixture ready to be inserted in your beds of choice or gardens.They will hatch in 1-3 weeks depending on environment.And will possibly have from 4-20 worms in each.
Price: $15.00